Wednesday, 18 November 2015


I have seen the highlights of the Novak/ Roger Tour Finals match which saw the great man from Switzerland halt Novak's unbeaten run of twenty something matches. It came as no surprise that Novak said he had an off day, Novak does that many times when he loses. But here's the thing.
Novak did not play another baseline 'robot' who keeps putting the ball right back into the slot for him so he can get himself into a rhythm. He actually played someone who is smart enough to mix up the play so he is always guessing as to what is coming next.
I have always stated that most coaches know how to volley yet they don't teach it to pupils for one reason or another as they simply teach the robotic style of play that sends boredom to a whole new level. No guts, no glory.
Novak blamed his own game for the loss to Roger yet he should be the first to admit that he hates playing someone who does not play a conventional style of game. I believe Roger has beaten Novak three times this year in a best of three sets match as it suits Rog to play over three as opposed to five. Novak wears all of his opponents out over five with few exceptions.
A fair player will admit defeat and admit to being out thought when he gets beaten by a better player on the day and I also believe guys like Novak should set an example to others. If you read the transcript of the press conference it hints of arrogance and little else. These two champions would not go to dinner together.
It is such a shame Roger is as old as he is, he can't play forever, he's almost 35, tough sport to keep getting up for physically at that age yet he aint leaving quietly. I love it when Roger beats Novak with artistry, like a chess player who has all the right moves at all the right times. Rushing a baseliner has merit and history will show that it pays dividends.
Learn a slice, learn a volley, learn a chip return, learn to be a little different. Mixing play up can beat the best baseliners. The robots of the game can be confused, it just takes someone who is willing to take the game on and not sit back and wait for something to happen........

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