Monday, 3 April 2017


Funny isn't it how we all rise as one when the great Roger Federer wins a tennis match. The Fed Express now days is like a travelling Rock Star who's fans are totally entranced in his every move and who's every move is scrutinised so closely that when things aren't going according to plan, the mood is sombre to say the least.
When a Rock Star sings the high notes every person in the crowd is totally captivated by their brilliance and the 'show' that Rog' brings to town now days is no different where just about everyone in the crowd has paid to see Rog' win.
No one is interested anymore in the Nadal vs Federer rivalry or the Djokovic vs Federer rivalry, they are only interested in one result, a Fed Express victory.
At the Australian Open this year, deep into the fifth set the crowd went up as one when Nadal let Roger back into the match with a double fault, yep, a double fault and anyone who owns any common sense knows that a double fault is not a time of celebration.
Yet the crowd could not contain themselves, Nadal was merely just another name and someone who was standing in the way of another Roger Federer victory.
Rafael Nadal was not someone who had won 14 Grand Slams, he was an 'imposter' of sorts who dared get in the way of someone who the adoring public resonated with as an ambassador for tennis and an ambassador for life in general. Everything about the 'Fed' seems to be of a brilliance that fairy tales are made of and Hollywood movie scripts are written about as everything he does now days makes the public smile.
When Rog and Mirka decided to have a family it was not going to be just an 'ordinary' family, it had to be twins, not once but twice, two girls then two boys, genius. The house Rog' had built overlooking a Swiss lake is no ordinary house, it's one you see in movies that Rock Stars live in and that Mexican Drug Lords own as their holiday shacks but no 'bad' money changed hands in this construction.
This particular house was paid for from a Swiss Tennis Star's bank account that probably has more zero's on the end of it than some Countries around the World own with a combined income.
Everything Rog' does is looked upon as newspaper headlines. You only have to look back to his Australian Open warm up tournament in Perth, at the Hopman Cup where the doors were opened free of charge for the public just to watch the great man hit a few practice shots.
Yep, JUST to hit a few practice shots, but it's the person who is hitting them that makes it so unique and to watch him walking around the arena at the end of the session posing for 'selfies' with an adoring crowd was nothing short of humbling.
Some Rock Stars, Hollywood Actors, Sports Stars or otherwise are way too 'important' to ever give their precious time up for the people who have helped make them 'important' in the first place but with Rog, well he's just a good guy who is happy to give some time back to the 'ordinary' people.
It's why we all love Rog, he's someone who is loveable because he makes us feel good about life when he wins as he does it with a grace that not many before him have ever done.
If Rog loses, and that's not very often now days, well it leaves a sour taste in our mouths and we make an excuse or two for him but we will never blame him for being simply 'human', we will blame the elements or the fact that 'Daddy Fed' may have had a sleepless night with his four young kids.
Remember to most of us, Rog just turns up and wins, tops up his bulging bank account, does some 'selfies' at the end of his on court speech, signs some autographs, does the obligatory press conference where he praises his vanquished opponent then boards his private jet to do it all over again at another tournament.
Never mind the fact that Rog is playing a sport that is so unbelievably tough that a guy ranked 750 plus in the World on his day could take out a player in the top 60 in the World as seen at Wimbledon last year where another nice guy by the name of Marcus Willis took out Ricardas Berankis.
When you put that into perspective we should perhaps marvel at any pro tennis player who can even win a Challenger Tournament because the top 1000 tennis players can all hit a good tennis ball. It's what you do with it that counts. For Rog to keep beating guys like Rafa consistently is rather outrageous to say the least.
Rog is a genius as far as what to do with a tennis ball is concerned and he is someone who is well aware of how good he is at it, yet he is so modest at what he does that it makes us think twice about our own personal 'victories' in life and how we should perhaps treat them.
Just like a Postman delivers mail up and down the street, just like a Fisherman hauls in another catch, just like a Rock star sings a high note and just how a Hollywood Actor delivers an unforgettable line, 'our' Rog keeps on being Rog and that's why when Rog wins it makes us feel like we have also won, he's just that sorta bloke.........

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