Sunday, 17 September 2017


For anyone who has just tuned, it's like this, sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet regarding certain issues in tennis and in particular tennis coaching. I believe I may be stating the obvious however it appears to be a business now way more than anything else as coaching programs all over the Country look at more ways to make $$ with less time given on court.
The two posts that I have recently written are in regards to the time, or rather lack of time that is offered to students of the game as 40-45 minute sessions are now the norm yet the cost for these sessions has not dropped, they have in fact increased.
Sort of like how Beer Companies now usually fill a 330 mil bottle with amber fluid instead of the old traditional 355 mil bottles. ( I strictly only drink Corona now days out of principal ). Yet Beer has increased in price despite the reduced amount, interesting isn't it ?
The old way of coaching was always an hour per session, it's how the World operates, people get paid by the hour, not so with tennis coaches, they now offer less court time than ever, not sure why, maybe some parents should ask the question.
Would I ever offer a 40-45 minute session ? Yes I would if the kids were very raw and very young however I would not have more than four students in the group as that amount of court time is not long enough to really get into the nuts and bolts of a tennis shot unless the numbers on court were minimal.
My argument is this, many coaches will have as many as 10 kids in a class, I have even counted up to 15, how is that value and how does a kid learn with that many in the class ? The answer is this, they don't learn and all that the parents are doing is filling the pockets of a coach with cash, money for jam. 
Ten kids, $15 to $20 each, $150 to $200 for 40-45 minutes. Bit silly ? Weak as piss.
The recent posts on this site 'The Times' and 'Comedy Routine' take a swipe at the modern day tennis coach who makes good money yet offers very little in the way of court time.
It's almost tennis season in the land of Oz, time for the fun and games to begin..........

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