Wednesday, 9 October 2013


The game of Tennis throws up some funny situations at times, none more so than when inexperienced Assistants are asked by their Boss to do a one on one lesson and actually charge the equivalent of what an experienced Tradesman asks for his expertise. ( These guys usually offer a guarantee with their work, this is never the case with Tennis.)
When it comes to teaching the game of Tennis the consumer needs to be aware of many things including how many years experience, both playing and teaching that the Coach has behind them and during the lesson it is most important that the parent observes the following;
Just because the student gets the ball over the net it is not necessarily a 'great shot' as many Coaches will say (there is so much more to a ball in play than meets the eye in Tennis). 
Does the Coach make a habit of correcting errors or does he or she in fact ignore the technique deficiencies and look to the next ball that makes it over the net and simply goes with the same 'great shot' routine?
It is no secret that many Coaches of the game are getting 'ball hitters' to make them money ($50 - $70 for private lessons with an inexperienced Assistant who knows very little about the game who is actually only receiving $30 for the hour, his Boss gets the rest.
This is a dead give away as to what the qualified Coach actually thinks of his Assistant's ability to teach the game, however the consumer is none the wiser. If a real Teacher of the game has any pride in his work then he will advertise it for what it really is; A discounted session to give the Assistant some experience, nothing more, nothing less. If the Assistant 'makes the grade' then the Coach will make a truckload of money through his Assistant's ability to teach.
It's a funny game Tennis and it is also a big Business, but to the consumer it can become expensive however I would offer the following free advice.
Give your child a time frame to improve and a realistic evaluation on a very technical and potentially expensive sport. Give the Coach a personal evaluation while you are at it. Is the correct advice being given or is the student simply hitting a lot of balls with no structure to it ?
Improvement in Tennis is not just the Coach's job however it may just save you a lot of money in the future if certain things are taken into perspective.......

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