Monday, 28 October 2013

TENNIS COACHING (Social outing or Money maker?)

Location has a lot to do with how a Tennis Coaching lesson goes , personally I have been gifted in the Clubs that I have 'stumbled' across over the years to teach the game of Tennis . When I was looking for a Club to teach at as a 21 year old after my European stint I received not just one , but two locations to further my skills as a future Coach of the game .
The Cottesloe Tennis Club overlooking the beach was a dream come true and I was in the right place at the right time when Club pro Alan Hartley was looking for an assistant, as was the Observation City Resort in Scarborough . One of Perth's biggest resorts did not have a Resident Tennis Coach and I was lucky enough again to teach Hotel guests regularly. From memory $25 an hour but some 'high flyers' would tip me an extra $25 , it was a 'bargain' I was told by many as they would pay $50 plus 'back home in the States'.
So for three or so years I was living the high life myself as I hit tennis balls to both kids and adults at two of the most sort after Tennis locations in Perth , but it was the 'learning process' that left a lasting impression on me .
Any Coach of the game who has not learnt under the experience of a 'Mentor' and claims to be a 'guru' of the game in my opinion is full of themselves . I once went to Kings Park and observed a Gentleman who I would consider to be the greatest ever Tennis Coach I have seen , Rob Casey do a one on one lesson with a Perth Businessman .
I can't speak highly enough of the tuition process of Rob's lesson , it was one of my greatest tennis educations'. If you watch and observe the 'best' , you can't help but learn. So to my point.....
Some Coaches teach the game to earn a living , some do it for a bit of 'pocket money', personally I don't do it for either, I have a full time job. I teach Tennis because I believe I do it well , some of the kids I have taught over the years I hit against on a weekly basis , this to me is a 'big win' , any way you look at it .
If you teach a kid properly from the start , the natural process of the growth of body and mind plus desire and dedication spells one thing , progression . If a 14, 15 or 16 year old kid can hit a ball back to you consistently without you holding back then you have achieved something great as a Coach of the game of Tennis........

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