Tuesday, 18 November 2014


The ATP World Tour Finals in London were a bit of a fizzer really, way too many one sided results and the much anticipated final between the best two didn't even take place. After the US Open the entire Tennis World were talking about 'the changing of the guard'.
Could it just have been a 'blip' on the radar in World Tennis that has now been corrected and viewing is now back to 'normal transmission' ?
Kei Nishikori however proved that he may just be the player to watch as he nailed Murray in straight sets. He obviously has the repertoire of shots to trouble the top 4 as he won two matches and took a set from Djokovic in their Semi Final.
That particular match though proved that it's one thing to take a set from the World Number 1, the other is to sustain that level of play. Nishikori failed to win a game in the third set of that match.
Thomas Berdych won one match , against an out of sorts Marin Cilic who was by all reports injured, but the heaviness of his two losses are surely something of concern. To win just two games against Wawrinka and only four against Djokovic surely proves there is a huge gap between himself and the players ahead of him. It's not to say that Thomas can't play tennis, he hits it hard and well but his game plan surely needs a 'tweak'.
There was a lot of talk about Andy Murray and how he has 'gone missing' but let's put his efforts into perspective also. Andy had to play a lot of tennis just to qualify for this Championship and he won two titles to sneak in, it was a huge effort just to get there.
I personally believe that he was just plain tired as he probably played more matches than any other player in the lead up to the Tour Finals.
If Roger's win against Nishikori was anything to go by well it may just have been a classic final match against Djokovic. All base liners hate being rushed and Federer knows just how to put them off their game. As well as Kei has been playing he won just 5 games against Federer.
A straight sets win to Federer over Novak in Shanghai last month proved that his game upsets the base line rhythm of the current World Number 1.
At least the Semi's of this event saw some good tennis as until then it was all pretty much one way traffic from the top 2. In fact Djokovic and Federer gave up just 22 games in a total of six matches between them leading up to the semi's, Novak 9 and Federer 13. Surely this is way too one sided for anyone's liking and almost defies logic. 
I have never seen so many one sided results as what this year's Tour Finals produced and if anything I enjoyed watching the Doubles highlights more than the singles. Sure the Bryan Brothers won again but there are no 'sure things' in Men's Doubles now days and the quality of teams now are very high. Any team in the Top 10 is beatable.
Jonny Mac suggested just recently that Doubles should be scrapped from the Tour , interesting comment from a man who won around 70 odd Doubles Tournaments.
The Singles in Men's World Tennis is still fairly predictable, the Men's Doubles is still a 'raffle'. Hopefully one day we will see it all even up, it will make viewing this great game just a little more interesting......
*** FOOTNOTE*** The Paribas Masters in Paris just recently saw 7 of the top 8 seeded players make it to the last 8. All too predictable .

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