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Just in case you have just tuned in, the past 7 or 8 chapters have been from my first memories of picking up a tennis racket. I am hoping that I will eventually get to the end and by that I mean up until now, my present days of swinging a racket which I still enjoy as much as when I was a kid.
The inspiration behind me doing this was in fact from a rather humorous comment I received from an individual who I can only describe as someone who thinks of himself as a 'guru'.
The comment I received was in fact through face book, something I do not in fact use to promote myself or my tennis coaching which I do on a part time basis. I use face book to communicate with friends.
I found the comment to be rather funny as this individual had a go at who I was. He thought he was qualified in this area as he had read several of my chapters and my views on the game of tennis. He even invited me to check out his profile, which I did, another tennis 'nobody', just like me. So what made this 'nobody' more qualified than my own 'nobody' profile ? His ego.
So what did I do ? Well I am a tennis player by nature, I returned serve as best I could, funny thing was I didn't receive a return from a return as I may have surprised him with my view on things. It may have been because mine was a rather long drawn out reply, possibly the equivalent of an A 4 size piece of paper full of my views. 
Not quite sure why I didn't receive a reply as tennis 'guru's' are usually full of answers and ideas. So anyhow it got me thinking. Perhaps I could spice this whole thing up even more. Why don't I write not just a reply to 'Mr Guru' but also a reply to myself.
Why not do my best to explain just what it is about tennis that creates the above situation, the sort of situation that can only be described as tit for tat. After all that's what tennis is, a reply from an offer, an offer from a reply. It's a chance to show the opposition just what you have either with your game or your mind, or both. 
Unfortunately I have not been able to take up 'Mr Guru's' offer of a challenge match which possibly would have still left some questions without answers. If i had won then it possibly would have been rather embarrassing for the young man as after all he was the one putting the reputation on the line, not me.
In saying that I believe I was still a big chance as he had lost to a young fellow who I had in fact beaten in straight sets in the same year he had lost to him, if that makes sense.
So back to my story. I am doing this because I believe that what I am writing is a factual version of my life in tennis and one that I am proud of. One day I may change the name of this whole site to 'The Tennis Nobody' because that's who I am, a 'nobody' in tennis, but I am one of many. 
The game is full of 'nobody's', more so now than ever before. It's full of 'tennis guru's' who rely on face book to gain some sort of following and who drive around with big glossy signs on their cars. Apparently this makes them a 'guru' and creates business, interesting.
My early days of playing tennis required a racket, a desire, a hero to follow and a 'Coach' who knew the game. It did not have people who claimed to know the game but didn't, they would have been laughed out of the sport.
My journey through tennis enabled me to hit with guys who did in fact become professional players. My Queensland days are yet to be talked of but they were days of playing along side Pat Rafter and Neil Borwick, conqueror of former World Number 1 Boris Becker. 
My days of playing tennis from age 13 to 21 when I traveled to Europe and even won a doubles tournament just near Paris have already been documented.  My days of teaching the game have also been written about. I will still write about coaching in future chapters.
I got myself into trouble last season as I was too brutally honest in my assessment of tennis locally and I upset a few people. I am doing things a little different this season. 
I am enjoying a trip down memory lane, it seems I also have an audience even though I am a tennis 'nobody' who has done 'nothing'. For some reason people 'hit' my site, I am still flattered, thank you.
As far as real 'hits' are concerned however I probably have hit twice as many tennis balls as many self proclaimed 'guru's' of the game. I believe that gives me the 'right' to talk about tennis so that's what I will be doing.
Whether it takes me another three or twenty three chapters to do so I will get to the end of my tennis journey which I have enjoyed and despised in many different ways.
If you are interested in a story about tennis from a 'nobody' please keep tuning in, if not well there are plenty more sites to look at........
Regards Glenn T

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