Saturday, 13 December 2014


In 2013 Lleyton Hewitt won the John Newcombe Medal for 'best performed Australian tennis player' yet he did nothing, won nothing, in fact I won more than Lleyton in 2013. Nick Kyrgios rose around 500 places from memory in the same year and Barty and Dellacqua made three of four Grand Slam Doubles finals. Their efforts were overlooked.
This year Kyrgios won the medal though if you look carefully at Dellacqua's year it may just have been on a par with Kyrgios's. So what does it all mean ?
Tennis Australia are a year behind with their assessment.
Next year Dellacqua will claim the medal as it's all about playing catch up with an organization such as Tennis Australia. Never mind what's happening at the moment, it's irrelevant. 
Never mind Casey, have 2015 off, the medal is coming your way regardless........
Fair dinkum........
The year in review by GT, another funny year in this Country in the sport that we call tennis......

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