Monday, 20 April 2015


I would just like to ask a question of the seeding committee for the WA Country Championships held in Perth just recently. Why was Paul Starkie un seeded please ?
Starkie barely raised a sweat apparently in his semi final drubbing of the number 2 seed 6-1, 6-0.
Jarron Kretschmann deserved his place as the number 1 seed, Starkie should have been a 'shoe in' for the number 2 spot. I have seen this guy play and I know for a fact that his win in this tournament without dropping a set was of no real surprise. In fact when I looked at the draw I raised the eyebrows at the lack of respect shown to him by a committee who obviously owns no real knowledge.
Paul has been around for years and from memory won the Bridgetown Mens Singles a few years back, correct me if I am wrong. Starkie also has played on the Futures Circuit, the guy can play. Who did the seedings and why are they not aware of the ability of a player such as Paul Starkie ? Sounds as though the person who did the seedings could walk into a job in our tennis region not problem at all, lack of knowledge seems to get you places.
So how can Starkie be overlooked when guys who have barely played a singles match in years are given a seeding ?
Sounds real fishy to me but it's where things are at with tennis where certain aspects of the game could be likened to a CSI episode. You would need to be a detective to work out some answers that are probably all kept in a file somewhere labelled 'Top Secret'.
All part of the Circus that used to see clowns employed for light entertainment, now days the clowns are running the circus................

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