Thursday, 21 April 2016


Chris Guccioni is an Australian Tennis Professional. He has been on the Pro Tour for nearly 15 years. Chris has earned just over $1.4 Million Dollars in his career which works out to be roughly $100,000 per year.
Take off tax, take off travel expenses, what would that leave him with ?
It is common knowledge that a Tennis Professional REQUIRES AT LEAST $100,000 PER YEAR JUST TO BREAK EVEN ON THE PRO TOUR. So if you look at Guccioni's career earning it looks as though he will have to get a 'real job' when he retires as he will have probably less than nothing left at the end of it all.
I am not sure if I am the only one who sees Pro Tennis players' earnings and raise my eyebrows at the viability of it all when you see certain player profiles and just how long they have been on the circuit for. Guccioni's earnings do not in fact add up to a figure that sees his incoming wages over ride his outgoing costs.
Call me cynical however I fail to see how many Tennis Professionals can in fact afford to live from week to week without hand outs from family, friends or tournament sponsors. I am all for the life of a Tennis Pro however after almost 15 years on tour and earnings after expenses that a local Taxi Driver would be comfortably making I find it hard to believe Chris's job is viable.
Chris is 30 years of age and he needs some big wins ASAP if he is to remain on tour and be able to afford to travel the World doing what he loves. Chris Guccioni's story is a typical tennis story but is not heard and seen as much as it should be as the glamorous life of a Tennis Professional is portrayed to the public as the 'norm'.
If a player is to be coached professionally by someone who really does know the intricacies of the game and I don't mean by a 'Walt Disney Tennis Coach' then they would have to be coming up with at least a grand each week to just cover their costs alone. Realistically they would in fact need two grand to cover a 'REAL' coach's costs per week on tour including flights and expenses.
The best players or rather the most successful players enlist an experienced coach to help them week in, week out and I would doubt that any player inside the top 50 does not have a full time coach. If they don't I would call them a 'Freak Show' as knowing all there is to know about tennis and being ranked inside the best 50 players in the World without a mentor would be nothing short of outrageous. 
If nothing else a player who wishes to become successful in tennis needs a BIG WIN, one that sees sponsors chip in and one that affords the luxury of being able to hire a coach even if it is in the short term. If that big win does not happen then most players will scratch around the tour just as Chris Guccioni has done for nearly 15 hard years and perhaps just break even in the process.
Tough sport Tennis, not for the poor or the faint hearted.......

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