Thursday, 14 April 2016


" I was playing really, really bad ". That's what Novak Djokovic said after his match where he lost in the second round at Monte Carlo. Then he said that his opponent played well. I reckon once again that's a 'bet each way'. Now if a player says that their opponent simply outplayed them well that to me is the best answer because if you do get beaten at any level well you must give some credit to your opponent. But not secondly, it must be firstly.
Sure we have all lost matches to people we either dislike or have beaten in the past but when it really comes down to it we have days we would rather forget on a tennis court. Personally I have had many but I am sure that I am not alone there. I have always thought however that it was my head that lost me a tennis match and not my shots, I am sure most would agree.
Novak got beaten by Jiri Vesely, a player who can hit a ball extremely well but should not be smart enough to outsmart a player of Novak's ability, yet it happened, Novak is human after all. Novak may have played 'really, really bad' as he described his performance but that's tennis for you as your game only needs to be off a little to get beaten by someone who's game is on. Nature of the sport.
Novak needs to clean up his press conference dialogue as it's typical tennis banter that has arrogance written all over it. A loss is a loss, a fact of life on a tennis court that will usually happen more than a win due to the impossibility of regular victories in a sport that requires a genius and nothing less to keep winning.
I hate press conferences because it's the same old 'crap' as Gulbis said quite some time ago. Ernest was correct and he would know, he loses more than he wins and he does not provide cliché's as answers like many do.
You got beaten by a better player on the day Novak, fact of life in tennis............

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