Monday, 9 June 2014


Here's a funny story for you , it's amazing what is written on social media pages, which unfortunately at times gives just a little too much away, entertaining though. 
A little while ago , at the commencement of the clay court season I wrote a brief chapter regarding the effort of a professional who obviously 'tanked' a match. Dmitry Tursunov from Russia lost a match to a player ranked somewhere around the 243 mark without winning one game. Yep 6-0, 6-0. Tursunov is ranked in the top 30. I thought it was worth a chapter as I find that result just a little too strange to leave it alone.
A coach has written on a site that someone in this country (no it's not my chapter) had written something nasty regarding his player, looked it up, found it, it's brilliant. So the coach , who spends time with the Russian in question was not happy with what was written about his player. Why do you think this is?
Surely the public deserve better from a pro for putting in a performance that can only be described as 'weak as piss' and what about the paying public? How would you be paying your hard earned $$ to watch that ? If Tursunov was so 'out of sorts' with his life then surely a faked injury may have been a better option and an early finish to the match. Back to the coach.....
Why is he upset with the social media comment? Why would he bother commenting on it? Did he not read the paper the next day that no doubt would have slammed Tursunov's effort? Perhaps he needs a hanky , I may send him one through the 'La Poste'.
Tough game tennis , not for the faint hearted , if you are not up to scratch in the head well your shots will account for nothing. 
You can spend your whole life looking at social media and other sites that may upset you but reality is , it will still be written. If you don't like it , don't read it, sound familiar?
Sometimes my life seems to be riddled with "deja vu".........

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