Saturday, 7 June 2014


No , no this chapter isn't about you, this one is about the screaming Russian, Sharapova. I never write about women's tennis because quite frankly I don't like it however in saying that , well the French Open Women's final was an epic. Just a tick over three hours for a women's match is quite remarkable and in the final of a Grand Slam makes it even better.
They actually earned  their $$$ this time !!! I read an article by West Australian sports writer Karl Langdon and I in fact sent him a reply, most unlike me to offer an opinion. Karl believes that women should play best of 5 sets to earn their prize money , Karl has a point , but could you imagine it ?
The thought of sitting through 5 sets of a women's match at a Grand Slam event makes me feel sleepy already , especially if it was between two lowly ranked players.
My reply to Karl was simple , I told him he had a valid point but I offered another idea. I felt that a quarter final match could maybe be where the women could start to play 5 set matches , but not before, due to time restraints. Karl replied to my email and he is sticking to his original idea, can't see it happening somehow.
What he is saying however is correct and that is that women should play just as much tennis as the men if they want to claim the same prize money. The way to implement though is an issue as stated before , where would you fit the matches in ? I am sticking to my idea, the big money starts at the quarter finals so let the women start the long matches then. Back to the head line....
Maria Sharapova looks great , she plays great , she also talks well and is the glamour girl of women's tennis, the sort of player , if you were female that you would aspire to be like. But what's with the scream on every shot? Her opponent Simona  Halep didn't make a noise and hits the ball just as hard as Sharapova, so is it bad teaching? Quite possibly . If you were a coach of a kid who made that much noise from an early age wouldn't you teach them to breath out as you hit as opposed to scream? Look at Fed , he never makes a noise, he had a brilliant teacher from the start in Australian Peter Carter. Rafa makes some noise for sure but Murray is like Fed , he just hits the ball with seemingly lack of effort, good teaching.
Whatever the reason Maria makes that amount of noise though is not only off putting for opponents but it is a pain in the arse to watch , personally I turn the sound down to watch her. I don't mind a good women's tennis match between two women who hit the ball well and are good to watch in more ways than one. Maria Sharapova is a pain in the arse, but she's also the 2014 French Open Women's Champion, that's to be respected.......

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