Sunday, 8 June 2014


When I made the bold prediction two weeks ago that Noavak Djokovic would finally claim the one major that he was missing from his trophy cabinet I went on form and destiny. Remember the giant Croatian Goran Ivanisavic ? He lost in three Wimbledon finals before finally claiming the title with his fourth final showdown. Novak I felt had paid his dues and was in good form going into the French this year having defeated Rafa in Rome, good signs yet it didn't go according to form.
The thing is with Rafa , no matter what sort of form he is in going into the French Open he will always find that little bit extra, it's his home away from home. In tipping Novak to win it I am far from disappointed that Raf won it , again , he really is a remarkable tennis player both physically, technically and mentally , he deserves to be number 1.
The Raf is an enigma, how he can win a major tournament 9 times is truly the most remarkable statistic in modern day tennis, he 'owns' the French Open. If they renamed centre court it would no doubt be called something such as 'Stade Rafa Central' or words to that effect anyhow. As far as Novak is concerned well I feel for him , he is a champion and probably deserves to own all 4 majors , yet Borg lost 4 US Open finals.
There seems to be one major that a champion simply cannot win no matter what they try each year but I have no doubt that just like Federer did in 2009 the French title will one day be his, he just needs an ounce of luck. 
Longevity rewards players of all sports, I hope it is kind to Novak.......

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