Sunday, 10 May 2015


Yep, just as I thought, my tipping once again was terrible. Despite Andy Murray's great recent form I still believed that he would be no match for a revitalised Rafa on the clay in Madrid. Perhaps Nadal is still to get back to his old form  but how could you have picked Murray to win in straight ??
Best of three sets on clay is nothing like the test of Roland Garos where you have to pace yourself a little better over five sets. Players such as Monfils and even Dimitrov are a big danger in all of these lead up tournaments to Paris because they are shot makers who can often come up with enough flair to beat the top 5.
Going into the French Open however it all changes because a player simply can't do what Monfils in particular does regularly, the matches are too long. It's why the big servers such as Raonic and Isner are dangerous in the lead up tournaments also but who do not own the game to win in Paris.
So am I going to tip the French Open Men's Singles winner ? Well my tipping of late has been rather ordinary but it's tough to pick the winner of any event because the level is so outrageously high. But let's have a go anyhow.
I don't think you can take the recent form of any player and use it as an accurate guide because of the three set format. Novak though will be treating this year in Paris as his year of retribution. He was up a set in last year's final before losing a close second set then lost his way altogether.
I believe that this year will be Novak's year as much as I don't like his antics. If he stays injury free and doesn't keep yelling at Boris when things aren't going his way then I can't see anyone beating him.
It's all between the ears grasshopper......

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