Saturday, 23 May 2015


This is one of those feel good stories. I apologize in advance for not more detail however I am tired, it's late, I need some sleep, this is however the nuts and bolts of it all.
There is a tennis professional from Croatia by the name of Mate Pavic, he is 21 years of age, ranked 413 in singles and has won just 2 grand at the one on one format this year. Mate though is a doubles specialist, he's ranked 67 in the two on two format and has amassed $20,000 this year.
His partner for the Nice tournament on the French Riviera was a guy by the name of Michael Venus, a 27 year old battler from New Zealand with a singles ranking of 516, a doubles ranking of 63. These two joined forces against some of the best doubles combinations in the World and pulled off possibly the most remarkable win in years.
Rojer and Tecau are ranked 11 and 12 respectively in the World in doubles and should have won the title in Nice with a leg in the air, so to speak. With nearly half a mil' in the bank between them already this year in doubles they have formed a lethal duet. Tennis however is a funny game and there are no 'sure things', in fact it is almost an impossibility to pick a winning doubles combination until the last ball is hit in most tournaments. Nice was no exception.
Michael and his mate, 'Mate', just got over the line in a third set super tiebreaker 10 points to 8 and defied all logic as far as the seeding committee were concerned. Who were they ? Well it seems they are now a pair to be respected and I would imagine that they may have split around $50,000 Euros as prize money for winning in Nice.
That's a pretty handy pay day for two guys who have earned as much as the local garbage collector back home. No offence, the garbage guy earns his money too.
I love to read about these type of victories, inspiring for the battling players who are just hoping for a good draw and a little bit of luck to fund their sporting dreams.
Michael and his mate 'Mate', well done guys, good luck in Paris.........

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