Saturday, 5 December 2015


The win by Andy Murray in the Davis Cup final against Goffin was one of those victories for the smart players of World tennis. Just a week earlier Andy had played and lost a tight two set match to Wawrinka at the World Tour finals in London but did Andy really play to his full potential ? Let's look at it in all seriousness.
The match against Stan was one to put either player into the semi finals against a red hot Federer who is still that hungry for success that it is outrageously silly given his age and record that has ticked all boxes on more than one occasion. Could Andy have beaten Federer ? Perhaps, but could he have beaten Novak ? You do the sums on that one, no one on the planet can beat Novak at the moment in a big final that means dollars and ranking points as well as prestige.
So to the match between Andy and Stan. Yes it was tight however did Andy really need to win it ? If he had won he would have earned the right to play Federer and the Fed just loves playing baseliners at the moment. His penchant for upsetting the robotic style from the baseline is becoming more and more famous by the weeks, months and years.
My theory on the match between Andy and Stan is simple. Andy didn't really care too much about it as he had bigger fish to fry in Belgium a week later. You can't tell me that Murray didn't know he was a red hot chance to win both singles matches and that all he had to do was combine with his little bother Jamie to win the doubles and the title was going back to the Brits for the first time in 79 years.
If Andy had beaten Stan he had a minimal chance of beating Roger and he had no chance of beating Novak though he is no Robinson Crusoe there. So is there an issue here ? Let's do the sums ( once again ).
Apparently the ITF ( International Tennis Federation) run the Davis Cup and the ATP ( Association of Tennis Professionals) run most other tournaments so there are two governing bodies at war here on dates for tournaments including the Davis Cup. So why was the Davis Cup final scheduled just a week after the Tour Finals ? Incompetence may be the word we are looking for here.
Why these two can't work together is beyond me but I find it laughable that the winner of the Tour Finals may have less than a week to recover  physically from playing the Top 10 in the World. They then have around five days to practice on a totally different surface in preparation for the Davis Cup final. Correct me if I am wrong.
In this instance however I am sure that 'common sense' took place and that Andy Murray did the sums on it all and his training plus 'foresight' all played a role. If Andy had made the semi finals in London I believe he was in all sorts of physical danger of not being labelled a National hero once again for putting his country back on the map with a Davis Cup victory.
Andy is a genius in my eyes as he did what he could in London then gave himself enough time to get ready in Belgium. If you know anything about tennis you may just agree with me. If you don't well you may just find me a little bit cynical. Either way I am sticking with my story and I am sure that Andy is sticking with his........

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