Friday, 4 December 2015


Watching my favourite rock band of all time Def Leppard perform in Perth recently gives people like myself an inspiration in life to soldier on despite the grey hair, the slower walk and other factors that are associated with 45 plus syndrome.
What I do take from a concert like that however is a sense of inspiration that I liken to my junior days on court locally when I should have been at school. I have mentioned in an earlier chapter that I used to 'convince' another local player from my school that we were wasting our time at school and that we should focus on tennis (brilliant idea Thommo).
So off we went at lunchtime and played tennis for three hours until the school bell rang. I would then ride the ten kilometres back to my house.
 'How was your day '? Yeah great thanks Mum, was a tough day but I learned a lot, that was the main thing. Lying little prick. I learned a lot from a few tennis drills, that was about it.
My main inspiration back then to hit a ball was the music on the side of the court from my 'ghetto blaster'. Def Leppard 'Hysteria' was possibly one of the most remarkable changes in music from an already established rock band in the history of music. They have always inspired me because they have embraced the times, the environment and have made the changes to accommodate the climate.
Def Leppard could in fact be likened to a baseliner embracing a net game as the years became more challenging and the industry started asking more questions of the player.
I have often written about my love of Glam Rock and how it has motivated me to keep playing, keep fit, keep soldiering on in life despite numerous setbacks and new challenges that at times seem a little hard to overcome. My favourite bands are Def Leppard, Cheap Trick and Bryan Adams among others and the thing you will notice about these bands are that they are still going. Call it longevity.
So why are they still going ? Because they have something of substance to offer.
I have previously written about days gone by and the odd win here and there however anyone who knows a sport like tennis will realise this. If you are still going into your late 40's then perhaps you may just own a desire to keep bettering yourself as opposed to continually looking back on what you did in the game. 'Could I have done it better' ?? 
I am not sure if it is an original comment or not however I was sent a message from a buddy a while back that said ' Thommo  remember buddy it aint how good you were, it's how good you can still become. If you are still fit, still able to hit a ball and still have the desire then what is to stop you from continually improving at a sport that many give up on way too early' ? 
Remember only a pinch of salt reaches their potential at a young age and unfortunately if that potential is not reached by the time it is 'expected' then tennis is given up for good. That's a shame as there are many other options in the sport of tennis once the elite level is not reached.
I am someone who is still inspired by old rock bands who still have the desire to get up in the morning and believe in what they do, what they write or how they perform. The old rockers of the World inspire me to keep on keeping on.
As far as this blog site is concerned, well I am still doing it though I am working on something else on another site currently that I believe in and that I hope will be something positive.
I am still playing tennis, I am still fit , I am still coaching and I am still an argumentative bastard who believes in what he does despite numerous comments I receive on this site that beg to differ.
I am happy to be an individual in life and in a sport such as tennis that is stereotyped in more ways than one. I like the idea of not playing follow the leader and having my own views. I enjoy teaching my way on a private tennis court and charging an hourly rate that does not have head up one's own arse syndrome and self importance written all over the invoice.
We are all inspired in life by different people and different things. Call me old fashioned with my sliced backhand, loopy forehand and love of Glam Rock however it is a mix I am happy with.
Bring back the 80's.........

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