Wednesday, 2 December 2015


I agree with this write, Glenn Thompson. On top of this, to change the subject, but stay with what is good for tennis, I also believe we could do a lot to improve the image of tennis umpires, most people just don't truest them to make a good call. I was once a Certified USTA Chair Umpire and wanted to take some of the HUGE prize money, hire and train line umpires, but, for some reason, the USTA insist on using volunteers and that is why we have such bad line calling. One last thing; Upon becoming a Chair Umpire and gained access to the 'inner circle,' I learned that many of the chair umpires are drunk when doing a match. Remember Frank Hammond and Lee Jackson, umpires of the 70's and 80's? Both were alcoholics...

Thanks for comment 'baatman74'. I believe Mr Bryan has hit the nail on the head. I posted this a while back but re read it the other day and it deserved another mention. The information you sent is fascinating regarding umpiring. Thankyou very much for tuning in......
regards GT

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