Thursday, 12 January 2017


When it comes to tennis, well it's a little behind in the trend. Most other sports require just a single point to separate the winner from the vanquished, not tennis, you require a space of two points.
Tennis also requires two shots to start a point. If you miss, doesn't matter, have another go, we will let you have a free swing.
Watching Twenty/ Twenty Cricket tonight you can see the difference in the way other sports are moving ahead with formats and even though the 'Fast 4 ' idea is a 'tweak' of sorts it does not compare to the way in which our home sport has evolved.
One run required, one ball......
Stuff dreams are made of, not only for the public but the players involved.
Tennis is all so particular with the way in which it is portrayed however it lacks that one thing, the ability to surprise us with a finish that has you on the edge of your seat. In basketball all you need is one point separating you from the opposition, same in golf, same in AFL, same in soccer, same in just about any sport in the World, yet tennis bucks the trend.
Why doesn't tennis move with the times ?
If anyone has ever followed this silly site of mine you will have read that I do in fact practice what I preach as I developed an idea locally and gained some sponsors to try a new idea with tennis scoring.
I was on the receiving end of a rather painful loss at dusk one evening as my Doubles partner lost the final point of his singles match, a sudden death point which gave the title to the opposition by the barest of margins.
Was worth a shot I thought, this was ten years ago.....
If an obscure local tennis player from Western Australia can come up with a format that spices up a tennis tournament that dares to differ from the usual 'ho hum' of tennis scoring then I am sure the hierarchy of the sport can do the same. 
Perhaps it could even allow just ONE SERVE to each player and abolish the ridiculous current system that allows a free swing like very few other sports do, if any, and finally give tennis the 'technical brilliance' headline that it believes it has the right to own........

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