Wednesday, 11 January 2017


The following is from an article on an ABC News site printed yesterday. Paul McNamee's comments mirror what I said on a piece I wrote about a week ago titled 'WHAT DID YOU EXPECT' ? in regards to the lower ranked players scratching to make a living.......

Match fixing a 'toxic mix'

Former Australian Open chief executive and tournament director Paul McNamee is not surprised match fixing is an issue among lower-ranked professional tennis players.
"There are only 100 guys now who are making a decent living and 100 women as well," he said.
"The rest are living on or below the poverty line and that's a toxic mix when you've got these temptations put in front of you."
McNamee, who won five majors in doubles and mixed doubles during his professional career, believes tennis authorities are more concerned with addressing the "symptoms" of match fixing and not the "cause".
He has called on the majors to increase the level of prize money available in the qualifying rounds.
"The qualifying is where the Grand Slams, who are in a leadership position, can take a leading role," McNamee said.
'So I would like to see the qualifying prize money tripled and then you would have another 100 guys and 100 women able to make a living and not be seduced by any temptations out there."

The following is part of my post.....

If that's the case then increase the prize money in the lower tiered events. Those players are the future of the game yet most will never get the opportunity to finally show their full potential as they will not be able to afford to stay in the sport.

This article is typical of where the sport is currently, a sport which is happy to help Novak surpass the $100,000,000 mark yet fails to help future champions stay in the game.

Fair dinkum comedy routine this sport. Plenty of finger pointing, no one addressing the issues that really matter.......

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