Monday, 26 June 2017


I find the following article rather disappointing, not because of Dan Evans testing positive to cocaine but for the World to judge him.
Yes Dan knows the rules, yes Dan lives in a bubble that has his audience scrutinizing his every move and yes he obviously owned a life outside of tennis but I ask you this;
Does cocaine enhance a player's ability and if not then why does it need to be front page news ? 
Andre Agassi had a 'dabble' in drugs, it didn't enhance his play that's for sure yet guys like Marat Safin and Pat Rafter called for his head. C'mon guys, you never lived it up ? Fair dinkum comedy routine.
Dan Evans is a 'player' outside of the sport of tennis yet God forbid if he ever actually played up and it became headlines because of course it would bring the 'squeaky clean' image of tennis into disrepute.
Australian Open final 2012, Rafa vs Novak, a tick under 6 hours and they are still belting the ball at that pace long into the night and these guys aren't on 'something' ???
What a farce to say that Dan Evans is on something that will bring tennis into disrepute. He had a life outside of tennis, he didn't do it to make him better, he did it to escape the World he lives in that does not allow him to enjoy the simple things that young people do to escape reality, if not for just a night.
Dan Evans take a bow buddy, well done for having the balls to take some of your ridiculous amount of prize money and go and enjoy a night out, live a little and give the middle finger to the ATP and society who expect you to be a brain dead Muppet.
If I was looking for a guy to coach, Dan, call me.......

Martyn Herman, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD June 24, 2017 'British player Dan Evans has been provisionally suspended after admitting on Friday that he had failed a doping test for cocaine at the Barcelona Open in April.
The world number 50, who reached his first ATP Tour final this year in Sydney and has played for Britain in the Davis Cup, released a statement at a news conference in London.

"This is a very difficult day for me and I wanted to come here in person and tell you guys face to face that a few days ago I was notified that in April I tested positive for cocaine," the 27-year-old from Birmingham said.
"It's really important to know that this was taken out of competition and in a context completely unrelated to tennis.
"I made a mistake and I must face up to it. I do not condone for one second that this was acceptable behaviour," Evans added.
"I've let a lot of people down, my family, my coach, my team, sponsors, British tennis and my fans and I can only apologise from the bottom of my heart.

Evans is not the first tennis player to fall foul of cocaine. Frenchman Richard Gasquet escaped with a two-and-a-half month ban in 2009 after an ITF tribunal panel ruled that he inadvertently took cocaine by kissing a woman in a nightclub.
In 2007, former world number one Martina Hingis said she had tested positive for cocaine during Wimbledon that year and promptly announced her retirement from professional tennis.
The Swiss five-times grand slam singles champion was banned for two years but has since returned to the tour as a successful doubles player.'

***** Dan tell em you 'kissed someone'. It worked for Reeshard...****

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