Tuesday, 27 June 2017


The following is a piece of literature from the Blog of a site titled 'MICHAEL'S HOUSE'.

It reiterates the point I made regarding Dan Evans in my last Post. COCAINE DOES NOT ENHANCE A SPORTS PERSON'S ABILITY TO PERFORM. Just as I mentioned at the conclusion of 'A HAIR CUT AND A FOREHAND' which for some reason over 20,000 people have read from this silly site of mine, Andre Agassi should not be judged for taking 'a little time out'.......

'Does Cocaine Function as a Performance-Enhancing Drug in Reality?

No matter how it is abused (e.g., snorting, smoking or injecting) most of the cocaine impacts the brain. Its use results in a euphoria that only lasts five to 15 minutes. Studies that have analyzed how cocaine impacts athletic abilities have actually determined the drug decreases the user’s performance. This is because cocaine makes the user feel so good, they perceive everything around them in a better light, including their own abilities. Researchers found cocaine to diminish an athlete’s strength, endurance and overall performance, despite the user’s distorted perception that they were improving. It also impaired the body’s ability to regulate its own temperature.
What Health risks do athletes face from Cocaine abuse ?
Cocaine has a plethora of negative health effects but in athletes, some of these may be enhanced because of strenuous athletic activity. Cocaine taxes the cardiovascular system and during physical exercise may cause heart arrhythmias or cardiac arrest.

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