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NPR's Lulu Garcia- Navarro needs a new job. Her interview with the great John McEnroe has created a Media storm, through lack of education on tennis. Yet it's the way of the World now days, you don't have to know much on sport, you simply have to pass a course.
Same as tennis coaching now days, it's a circus.
"Some wouldn't qualify it, some would say she's the best player in the World. Why qualify it" ?
That was the question from Garcia- Navarro to McEnroe.
Like waving a red cape in front of a bull, well done Lulu.
"Oh, McEnroe replied. "Uh she's not, you mean, the best player in the World period' ?
"Yeah, the best player in the World". Garcia- Navarro said.  "You know, why say female player' ?
How's the bull looking now you reckon ?
So that was where the controversy started.
So why is Mac in trouble with everyone who knows nothing about tennis ? Obvious isn't it ?
State of the game, state of life we are in, guys like Mac are labelled as 'Dinosaurs' of tennis and 'way out of line' when not conforming to how things 'should be done'.
Personally I hope Jonny Mac keeps doing what he is doing because he is nothing short of brilliant as far as all aspects of the game are concerned. He is without a doubt, misunderstood.
Lulu Garcia- Navarro has been in the Media for over 17 years yet how on earth did she come out with that question to a guy like John McEnroe ?
In a nutshell these two should never have been paired up, sort of like a Mixed Doubles team that gets beaten in the first round of a Major, never, ever to team up again. Surely this was all just a publicity stunt for Mac's new book titled 'But Seriously' ?
It has to be doesn't it ?
John McEnroe is a man to be respected, a man who won 77 singles titles and 78 doubles. And he has to put up with  "Why qualify it" from Lulu ?? You fair dinkum cannot be serious.
Unfortunately however Serena has been brought into it all and now she has been 'forced' to put through her story, sort of like how tennis works, the backwards and forwards stuff, all part of the fun I suppose.
I can't help but think that all of this is to help John sell a book because no doubt he will have something in it in regards to the difference in ability between male and female pro tennis players.
But as Serena has already suggested, there is no argument, males dominate the ability to hit a tennis ball and Serena is not one to argue that fact.
Serena believes that Andy Murray would beat her in 10 minutes flat. I believe that is incorrect. Give him 30 minutes, two sets.
So if a reporter of around 17 years is asking John McEnroe to rate the current crop of tennis professionals and their ability to play the game, well perhaps it should have been asked a little more intelligently.
'John do you believe that Serena Williams is the greatest FEMALE tennis professional of all time ' ?
John's answer may have been something like this.
'Well technically Margaret Court still holds the record with 24 Grand Slams so Serena is in fact second in line as far as female tennis professional immortality is concerned, however currently, yes Serena is the best current female player with 23 Slams to her name'.
Was a simple 'rumour' of intelligence required here from Lulu ?
Nope, I still reckon it's nothing short of a chance for John to promote his new book, the man is a genius.
One more thing, should female tennis players rake in the same amount of prize money as the men ?
Here's some facts for you.

Wimbledon 2016 saw a semi final between Federer and Raonic last around 4 hours whereas the Serena Williams/ Elena Vesnina match took less than 50 minutes. I believe the pay day for both Elena and Roger to be in the vicinity of one million Australian dollars.
One match lasted 5 sets, the other just 2, surely Roger deserved a bigger pay day than Elena....

Jonny Mac may just have something to say about that........

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