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The following post was written exactly one year ago as I was rather frustrated at the commentating at Wimbledon by none other than 'Mr One Eyed' himself, John Newcombe.
I was hoping that he may have retired and I felt rather deflated when I tuned in on the first night of this year's Wimbledon coverage to see Newk at it again.
Fair dinkum, they retired Stolle and Trabert, how about they do the same with Newk ? His views are ridiculously biased and he is out of touch with today's game.
I am going to bed early......
Written 01/07/2016
'This could be a 'dodgy' second serve'. Yes folks that's what Australia's very own 'experienced' Tennis commentator John Newcombe came out with whilst 'commentating' on the Kyrgios/ Stepanek match at Wimbledon this week. So is that commentating or offering an opinion ?
I have been looking up Tennis' worst commentators on the net and surprisingly 'Newk' does not get a mention, not sure why, he is absolutely one eyed when it comes to commentary regarding Australian Tennis Pros versus the rest.
I always thought that commentary was supposed to be non- biased however when it comes to Wimbledon, well it's all about Newk and who he likes as opposed to what really is happening on court.
I have written in length regarding Jim Courier's views on David Goffin and his supposed 'inflated' tennis ranking which Jim made public at this year's Australian Open. Not sure how you can say that a player has an inflated ranking when he is knocking on the door of the World's Top 10. So to the headline, what on earth is that all about Newk ?
'This could be a dodgy second serve'. Hmmmm I wonder who is monitoring this sort of 'commentary' and do they condone it or are they not actually aware that it is in fact going on at all ?
Personally I find it rather embarrassing that a man of Newk's knowledge and experience would resort to that type of biased view when he is paid to be impartial when it comes to match reporting. Or isn't he ? Would it be that he is paid to comment the way that he believes most Aussies think rather than treat each player fairly with equal praise ?
I did write a post around this time last year as Newk did it once again, or is that many times again ? 
His commentating last year was ridiculously one sided and he even resorted to tearing apart a serve of a player who is now ranked World number 1 in Mens Doubles just because it wasn't a Federer or Novak clone. C'mon John you of all people should know that a shot does not have to look 'text book' to be effective, particularly the serve. It's the most individual tennis shot in the book.
It's only taken one match for me this year to turn the sound down and do my own commentary at this year's Wimbledon as nothing has improved from last year or the many years before that to be precise. Tennis is called by ex players with a biased view and personal agendas on certain players which is rather obvious if you listen carefully but to the naked ear it is nothing but light banter that you would hear in a pub on a Friday night after a few beers.
I wonder if Jim Courier has forgotten his take on Goffin and I wonder if Newk has chosen to forget his comments regarding Herbert's less than technically correct service motion that now has him making a million plus each year in the two on two format ? The above mentioned are paid to comment on tennis matches, not give their one eyed views that lack tennis education.
Dodgy second serves happen all the time, nature of the sport but is it up to an impartial Sports Commentator to pre-empt it before it actually happens ??
What ever happened to allowing the sport to take place first and then offer an opinion or is it more about the ego of the ex superstar behind the microphone trying to predict what will happen before it actually does ?
Like I say a lot on this site, you do the sums........

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