Sunday, 30 July 2017


Leonardo Mayer is age 30 from Argentina, ranked 138, he has been as high as World number 21. Leonardo lost in the second round of qualifying at the German Tennis Championships in Hamburg to a guy who was born in the year 2000. No that is not a misprint, Leonardo lost to Rudolph Molleker , a 16 year old kid from Germany. ( What were you doing when you were 16 ?? )
So at second round qualifying you are supposed to go home with $2480 Euros, which for a 16 year old kid who should still be at High School is a fair amount of cash, but Rudolph qualified, sending Leonardo home with a modest amount of Euros. That was until Klizan withdrew with a leg injury.
Enter Leonardo Mayer as a Lucky Loser into the main draw who was on his way home with just enough Euros to fly to Australia and back again, Economy Class.
Now Mayer is playing for a purse of around $330,000 Euros, at worst he will go home with just under $170,000 Euros after riding his good fortune all the way to the final which began in round one with a win over the number 1 seed Ramos- Vinolas, 7-6 in the third.
The story gets better. 
Florian Mayer of Germany is age 33, ranked 101, has been as high as World number 18 and he has also made it to the final in Germany, perhaps rather fortunate as Kohlschreiber retired at a set up but 2-3 down in the second set of their semi final. 
If you have nothing to do, check out just what Philipp K did when he actually decided that his injury was too debilitating for him to continue. As far as racket smashing goes, well this effort is right up there with the best of 'em, brilliant.
So two guys who are in their 30's and ranked outside the World top 100 are now both playing for a title and enough Euros to buy a Ferrari with. Outrageous isn't it ? 
Mens tennis is so unbelievably tough that anyone on any given day can craft out a win if they own a certain amount of self belief though the effort by the 16 year old kid Molleker defies logic, he's ranked 923. How did he beat a player of Leonardo Mayer's quality and experience ?
I believe that he was still counting the prize money in his head as he was playing his first round match which he lost in straight sets to Kachanov, though $11,000 Euros would ease the disappointment somewhat for a kid of his age.
Personally I hope Leonardo takes the title as it would be a ridiculously silly story if he actually won the event after not making it through the qualifying rounds initially plus he's only won $48,000 this year. His opponent has had a blinder with just under $370,000 in prize money already won this year.
There's always a story at every tennis tournament at every level.
I find this one rather unique though, good luck Leonardo..........

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