Wednesday, 12 July 2017


At times I find Novak Djokovic to be a pain in the arse, other times I find him to be rather arrogant, very few times have I ever found him to be very correct, until now. The Serb delivered a classic to the Wimbledon Officials after his match with Mannarino which was actually supposed to be played a day earlier.
The question is this from Novak, why not introduce a fifth set tie breaker at Wimbledon ?
Well Novak I am with you all the way on this one and I   wrote a post in 2014 on this subject and it all came out of the mentality of tennis officialdom that figures, 'a tennis match has to finish eventually'.
Mahut and Isner did their very best to dispute that theory with a three day match that ended at 70-68 in the fifth. Let's be honest here, it dragged on, both players own a serve, it's fairly obvious neither owned a return, that day in particular.
The following is a ripper and I think Novak is on to it.
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“Because John Isner and Nicolas Mahut made a history with an 11-hour match once. Is that a reason why we’re keeping it?,” asked Djokovic of the famous 2010 match at Wimbledon.
“It is great drama but that player has to go out tomorrow. It is for the spectator? For a player to play a five-, six-hour match, then come back the next day or within two days and perform, it’s not really what your body’s looking for, to be honest.
“If you are already getting to the six-all fifth set, you might as well just decide it in a tiebreak.”

The following post from yours truly backs up Novak's idea. Am I ahead of time ???

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