Friday, 14 July 2017


It seems I am not the only one who is growing rather tired of Marin Cilic's ball bouncing antics. Take a read of the following comments, courtesy of the 'EXPRESS'.

Wimbledon 2017: Fans furious with Marin Cilic for semi-final antics

WIMBLEDON fans turned on Marin Cilic during his semi-final against Sam Querrey today.

Cilic repeatedly bounced the ball on the baseline before every service game and in the first set tie-break.
The slow play left supporters furious and he was barracked for the antics on Twitter.
One upset fan wrote: "Watching Cilic bounce the ball 30 times before every serve is excruciating...It's messing with ME mentally, can't imagine being Sam Querrey!"
Another wrote: "Cilic is p***in me off no need to bounce the ball 7362715 times before every serve."

A fellow supporter begged the Croat to stop and said: "Can't stop counting how many times Cilic bounces the ball before serving ... pls stop it #Wimbledon2017."
Another fan fumed: "Is cilic  playing basketball or tennis bouncing the ball 13 times before he serves is a joke. Get on with it!!#Wimbledon2017."

While one blasted: "Cilic playing outstanding but painful to watch bouncing the ball so many times before each serve #Wimbledon2017."
Cilic and Querrey are on their best runs at Wimbledon in their careers.
The winner of today's clash will take on Roger Federer or Tomas Berdych in the final on Sunday.

**** Comment; It's gamesmanship, nothing more, nothing less. No opponent is sure when the ball will be served so how can it be in the spirit of the game ? Hope Fed belts him.......

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