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My apologies but I just had to repost this. I realise it's the 'off season' in our part of the World however I wonder how the following 'Zen Master' of tennis is travelling now days with their recruiting over Winter ?

Possibly one of the funniest things I ever read on a Social Media page was the following information, yet it proved one thing; the sport of tennis really does breed egos, self importance and people who are full of sh..

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Just to prove what I have been saying for a long, long time in regards to certain individuals and certain organizations.
I received an email from a buddy, it was one of those 'Hey Thommo you have got to have a look at this' sort of emails. You see I am not the only one who can smell 'hype' when it rears it's ugly head.
A regular 'guru' to hype and all things nice has posted this little chestnut that had me smiling. This is not word for word however you will get the idea of the story.
This particular 'guru' recently posted on a social media page that they have 'coached' around ten thousand students in just over ten years. I dispute this figure, I find that impossible.
If a coach of tennis has a base club where they coach a group of say 150 kids regularly and these 150 kids turn up for two terms of the year then this is surely 150 kids only, correct ? Ok so let's find the other 850 kids. We will need many assistants and many venues.
How about another 20 smaller venues for arguments sake hey ? Righto let's find another ten assistants at least to service 20 more venues at different times. That will give this 'guru' say another 400 kids over the course of two school terms of the year so that now takes the figure to around 600 kids. There's a very big shortfall here though to the 1000 kids required to prove the story correct. 
What also needs to be mentioned is that the 'coach' is not actually 'coaching' them, the assistants are, minor detail though hey?  What about adults ? 
Sure let's throw another 200 adults in over various programs over the course of say two or even three terms where they may do either tennis coaching or even the rather amusing 'cardio tennis' program. That now takes the figure to 800 students, a combined figure comprising adults and kids. This program is huge now hey ??
Now the reason I am saying two school terms is because I am aware of the impact or lack of impact that tennis has in the cooler months of the year. Two school terms is the main tennis playing time of the year from say October through to say April.
If the program was to go for three school terms then the figure may just be able to be bumped up to around the magical figure of 1000 but boy this figure is huge. Now let's fast forward to the next year.
How many of these students will go again ? If the coach is really good they may be able to keep around 75 per cent of these students but at least 25 per cent will move on, it's the nature of the sport. So we now have to find another 250 to 500 students to take the figure back to 1000 so that this 'guru can say that they have that amount in their program.
Are we forgetting something ? You can't recount what you have already counted so if you have around 500 regulars you can't keep putting that figure down, get my drift ? You can only count the new students, not the old regular ones. 
So if you have 500 regular students over 10 years you have 500 students but anyone who knows anything about a sport such as tennis knows that you cannot keep that figure over ten years. In fact you would be lucky to keep them over 5 years as kids get older and try other sports.
I am sure if you have half an ounce of brain matter you will see where I am going with this whole thing. It is AN IMPOSSIBILITY to coach a figure of around ten thousand students in say ten years because of the above examples. The only possible way you could get to that figure is to have all of your students drop out at the end of each year and then find another 1000 to start again.
Nope the whole story is a pile of garbage and just goes to show that the whole industry is full of these so called 'gurus' who write fictional stuff on their sites to make them sound like they are god's gift to the game.
If the 'guru' stumbles across this site then pay attention 'champ' , I am onto you and anyone who has a few clues on the industry will be also.
You are officially full of s...
Regards GT

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