Friday, 14 July 2017


You seriously need to bounce the ball that many times Marin ?
Watched the first set, Querrey and Cilic, never seen a ball bounced that many times. At 5 games all Cilic bounced the ball 11 times, missed the first serve, bounced the ball a further 19 times before hitting his second.
At 6-6 in the tie breaker Cilic bounced the ball 21 times before serving.
Seriously ? This is allowed ?
Unfortunately within 25 seconds between serves apparently you can do as you wish.
Sam bounces the ball twice before serving.
I believe it should be against the rules what Cilic does as his opponent isn't actually certain when the delivery is going to start. Twenty one bounces is gamesmanship.
Will get some shut eye before the Fed match, this guy is fair dinkum putting me to sleep.......

***** Seems it's not just me who is rather disappointed in Marin Cilic's antics. I just found the following on the net this morning. Jonas , fix it, tell your 'student' that this crap has to be corrected before the final against Roger.
Marin, you are a dead set pain in the arse.......******

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