Wednesday, 23 July 2014


The following is a detailed conversation between my son and myself regarding tennis, Wimbledon 2014 and how the scoring system works.....
"Dad what are the numbers on the top of the screen "?
"That tells us the score between these two players buddy "
" So what do they need to win "?
"Three sets, and a set is made up of games where you have to win 4 points a game"
"What's 40-30"?
"That's when one player has won 3 points and the other has won 2, the guy on 40 just needs one more point".
(a point later)
"What's deuce Dad"?
"That's when both players have won 3 points each and now they need to get 2 points clear to win the game"
"So what does each set go up to "?
" 6 games buddy"
( a few minutes later)
"Hey Dad that guy is 6 and they are still playing "
"Yeah mate it's confusing, if it gets to 5 games all they have to then get to 7, but if it gets to 6 games all they have to play a tie breaker to 7 points "
( a few minutes later)
Hey Dad the score is 7-6 (in the breaker) why are they still playing"?
" I know mate it's confusing, if they get to 6 points all they have to play to 2 points in front "
( A couple of hours later)
"Hey Dad did you see that ? The total points that have been won , it's close, 112 to 109"
"Yeah mate and the guy that is trailing 3-4 in the last set has won more points"
(big mistake Dad)
"So the player that is losing Dad, he's winning "?
" Not really mate, it's on serve, so it should even out in the end"
(a short time later)
"Hey Dad it's 7-6, why are they still playing"?
"Well buddy when they get to 6 games all if it's two sets all they then play to 2 games in front to decide the winner of the match, so it may end up say 16-14"
(The final stats are shown)
"Hey Dad the total points won , didn't the guy that lost win more points "?
"Yeah mate , that's right"
"So how did he lose "?
"Tennis scoring buddy, doesn't make a lot of sense"
"Footy isn't that hard"
"No mate you stick to footy, it's a bit easier to understand, if you win more points you win the match, pretty simple hey"?
Funny game this tennis........
* Footnote- in 2010 at Wimbledon Mahut won 24 more points than Isner but lost the match....

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