Sunday, 6 July 2014


This year's Wimbledon Championships saw two guys in the final who a few years ago would have given me one and only one player to barrack for. Novak Djokovic was a player who many people disliked, myself included, Roger Federer was the ONLY one to put support behind in a match between the two. It was due in large to the way the Serb acted on court, the times have changed.
I picked Novak to win the French Open in an earlier chapter, I picked him for more than one reason but I actually wanted him to win in Paris, I felt he had paid his dues. He fell at the final hurdle again and I actually felt sorry for him, I felt he deserved it. Going into this year's Wimbledon final Djovovic had won only one of his past six finals in Grand Slam Championships, he was due for a change in luck.
Novak Djokovic is a man who was his own worst enemy on and off court, a man who didn't know how to act with integrity. His first Australian Open title in 2008 was a title he won with perhaps a hand full of fans supporting him in the crowd, and they were his family. His ball bouncing exploits in this match in particular against Tsonga were talked about by many as a 'grubby tactic'. His opponent basically didn't know when he was actually going to deliver the serve such was the time he took, not unlike what Rafa does. The public have always accepted Rafa though, he is a gentleman.
The 2008 US Open also saw Djokovic embroiled in controversy as his match with American Andy Roddick became quite farcical. The 'injury' time outs that Novak took were looked upon as time wasting to regroup by Roddick and he took his frustrations to the locker room. The four set loss to Novak paled in significance to the tactics that were employed by the Serb to get over the line, so Andy let him know.
The two had to be separated as Roddick reportedly had Novak up against a locker and was rather close to giving him a real injury when it was broken up. The crowd had earlier booed Novak during his post match interview, they were far from happy with him. Novak seemed to throw all tennis etiquette out the window when he played and was something that needed to be addressed, he has since heeded to it.
In fact even though I tipped Roger to win Wimbledon I am genuinely happy for the Serb that he has finally broken through for another major. Sure it would have been nice to see Roger win again but he has won Wimbledon seven times, surely that's enough ? At the start of this year's championships at The All England Club I gave Novak no hope of winning it , same for Rafa, I felt that neither of them had enough grass court form in the lead up tournaments to warrant a victory.
Novak Djokovic is a guy who I at last don't mind, he is a player who's on court antics have toned down to a level that is no worse than any other player now days and his off court demeanour is rather humorous. Anyone who hasn't seen his player impersonations should take the time to take a look, some are priceless, his one of Roddick is rather funny.
I picked him to win the French, I tipped him to lose Wimbledon, I am sure Novak isn't too upset with what he has come away with from both Championships. Novak is a tennis player who unlike some I have mentioned on this site I have grown to like, he is 'two different people' than when he first took on the tennis World in an arrogant display of egotism.  
Others should take note of how to win friends and influence people, in fact I think that may be a book title, perhaps this year's Wimbledon Champ did some reading........

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