Thursday, 3 July 2014


No I am not talking about the 100 reasons why some people wish to sue me over the content of certain chapters that I have posted on this site, we have already discussed them. This chapter is about the name, not just any name, remember to be a professional in any sport it is a necessity to have a name that fits.
Remember Joachim Johanssen from Swedish Tennis ? What about the Formula 1 Champion Fernando Alonso ? Alberto Contador of the Tour De France ? What do these guys all have in common ?
That's easy, the name, they have a name that sounds classy, a name that goes with the sport that to us common people simply sounds normal , like Bob Smith the Aussie Farmer. These sporting stars don't just talk the talk, walk the walk and look the look, no ,these guys sound just as good as they do everything else.
Let's just switch to the women's side of things, but only momentarily as I am not a great fan of women's tennis, I do like women's beach volley ball though and who really cares what their names are?
The two Czech stars who played a semi at Wimbledon this year had a striking similarity to their predecessors from the 80's . Lucy Safarova and Petra Kvitova are two of the world's best players as were Hana Mandlikova and Martina Navratilova. So what's the similarities? Pretty obvious, it's the last three letters in their surname but what does it mean?
Czech female surnames come from feminine adjectives, most of the time, so for example if a Czech Father's surname is Novatel then his daughter will go by Novatelova, pretty simple really. There was a perfect example of this in the 80's as Cyril Suk and Helena Sukova were a brother / sister combination from the Czech Republic, great players.
So rather than rabbit on about it , there you have it, the 'ova' in the name has nothing to do with getting the ball 'ova the net' , no it's way more complicated than that, it's quite simply the way the country hands out surnames. Don't you just love how uncomplicated it is here in the land of Oz ? Just glad we don't have to put an 'ova' at the end of some of our female surnames as 'Belinda Boil' would be a rather unfortunate name to own.....

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