Monday, 14 July 2014


Break-even for a pro is a No. 150 ranking or approximately $160K/year. ‘Dad how  much do you make a year?’
It takes 4-8 years to REACH THE TOP 200, at a cost of $160K/year, that is between $640K-$1,28M. ‘Mary, how much is our house worth?’
The cost to train per year is approximately $12K low end by age 15, you spent that easily in 5-6 yrs. Roughly $60K. ‘How many mutual FUNDS can you buy with 12K per year?’
Only 7% of the Top 100 juniors in the world will be pros, and only 1% will be Top 20. Top in the world, not the USA. ‘Hey John, did you WIN state yet?’
* Until you WINyou need to front-end all expenses, ouch! ‘But, I only make…’
10,000 hrs. spent training by age 18, with odds of 0.0002? ‘Five hours a day for 10 years, I should learn to code…’
Found this on the net. I just love it when people spell tennis out in black and white.The above facts and figures aren't just talking about 'tinkering around' with your training, this is fair dinkum full on training with real Tennis Coaches. This is not hitting balls with 'Mickey Mouse Mentors', this is the real deal.
I like the way this article is put together, factual with no glossing over of what is really required. There should be more articles written on the above statistics, it may just save some money for families in the future....

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