Saturday, 7 February 2015

'COURT TALK 91.3' (The Serena Williams incident)

Here is a program that I have a whole lot of respect for, in particular the announcers, Brett and Darren Patten, two gentlemen who know their tennis.
Today was a day where they dissected a few things, in particular the Hopman Cup and the Australian Open and they also touched on a subject that unfortunately has not got the publicity it deserved. 
The Serena Williams 'trophy in the bin incident' was brought up on 'Court Talk' today and it was stated that Serena Williams did in fact throw her runners up trophy in the bin at the conclusion of the Hopman Cup. 
Her on court surliness was matched by an off court show of bad sportsmanship by throwing her trophy away which unfortunately for her was witnessed by staff at the Cup. One of my previous chapters suggested that Serena is in fact a 'great winner' however when things aren't going right for her, well, she does tend to put on a less than exemplary performance , particularly with her attitude.
At the Australian Open she spoke of inspiring people. Personally she inspires me to change channels when she is playing.
A big thank you to Court Talk and the Patten boys for clearing the whole 'incident' up. I received a message from someone a few days ago on my site questioning the legitimacy of the incident and how dare I 'make such things up'.
Well 'Champ' this is for you, go to the Court Talk site and listen to today's broadcast on play back, it was brilliant. It even had a phone call from yours truly asking for their opinion on the Novak Djokovic 'acting' farce. They debated it and appreciated my call.
Court Talk 91.3, a fantastic Tennis Talk Back Radio Program which you can listen to every Sunday morning from 8 am. Love it.......

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