Friday, 27 February 2015


I always say that you can always count on the 'Big Boys' for a 'real' tennis lesson as opposed to the usual $70 per hour garbage that delivers 'great shot buddy, you are going places'. No it's a fantastic thing when the 'Big Fish' in the small pond get out there and really taste what it's all about.
This weekend there a few tournaments on around our State and I see some 'Big Fish' may just get fried but it's money well spent.
I see it as a lot better value than the countless amounts of wasted dollars thrown at 'ball hitters' who do their best to try to justify their outrageous hourly prices.
Just checked some Draws, some 'Rabbits' drawn in the first round, the second round is where the fun begins.......
The World's hottest teenager Borna Coric just received the greatest tennis lesson of his life from the best ever, Roger Federer. It puts it all into perspective. Andy Murray managed just 4 games against the 18 year old up start yet Federer only lost 3 games to Coric. Do you think Roger may have put a little extra into his own game just to teach the young fellow a thing or two about the art of tennis ?
The greatest lessons in tennis are not the ones that cost most working parents three hours pay in a 'real job'. They are not the lessons learned from a guy who has a piece of paper which says he is a 'Qualified Tennis Coach'.
They are not the lessons learned from a young lad who apparently 'used to be a top ranked junior' ( who no one has ever heard of ).The greatest tennis lessons are learned from the best players, the 'cheap' ones which may have cost a parent $20 for an entry fee.
If a kid wins 0 and 0 against a nobody then he fails to learn a single thing from the game. If he loses 0 and 0 then there is a real education in the sport of tennis.
If a kid wins a bike race by two miles did he win against the best opposition or did the kid who lost by two miles lose to the best opposition ? Either way who received the best education ? I would go with the 'loser', he has something to work on, the winner is 'superman' and needs to do nothing more with his technique, until he gets beaten of course.
There are always more losers in tennis than winners otherwise every player would earn a mil a year. Take the losses as a win in experience and go find a practice partner who can beat you easily. When you start getting close, go find a better one.
You can spend a fortune on tennis lessons or you can use your brains, you do the sums......

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