Wednesday, 11 February 2015


The latest ANZ Bank Sponsored campaign to promote the 'Tennis Australia Hot Shots' program has not been too well received it seems. In fact it was so badly received that it has been taken off air. The ads were basically saying that tennis was one of the only sports you can play as you enter the 'Twilight years' of your sporting career. Here's some statistics courtesy of the 'Australian Masters Games General Manager Nic Mercer;
Tennis is the THIRTEENTH MOST POPULAR sport in the Event to be played later in the year for competitors aged from 30 to 75. Interesting stuff hey ? Now I am not a fan of Tennis Australia, their 'Hot Shots' program or their way of teaching tennis in this Country. So I am not the least bit surprised that they didn't do their research on their latest attempt to gain popularity. 
Apparently team sports such as Basketball are way more popular with the 'oldies' than tennis is. ( Basketball is THREE times more popular according to Nic)
The following is a comment left under the article by someone who also wasn't thrilled with the campaign.

I played tennis well into my 30's until I tired of being surrounded by players mimicking 'stars' with prima donna behaviour.  Professional tennis players are the most pampered, precious, prima donna's in sport. Why would any parent encourage their child  to play this most selfish sport when they see this behaviour.  Stick to TEAM sports where your child will learn far more social skills to equip them better for life's experiences.

I hope 'Wayne' doesn't mind me relaying his comment that he left under the article written in The Herald Sun yesterday. I think it has merit....
As much as I like tennis and write about it regularly, let's not make it out to be something that it is not. It will only alienate the game more for people such as Wayne.....

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