Sunday, 1 February 2015


Serena and Novak are great winners without a shadow of doubt but sometimes I would question their methods and perhaps their gamesmanship. I wrote a chapter just recently regarding Serena's form at the Hopman Cup this year, this was a disgrace.
Her on court demeanor in particular against Radwanska in the final was nothing short of appalling. 'Sooky La La' may just be the best way to describe it.
As reported earlier her runners up trophy landed in the bin on her way out of the stadium, interesting way to accept defeat. I am sure it's been done before but her on court display was one of poor taste as she sooked, argued and put in a less than exemplary performance. 
Surely someone who is picking up an appearance fee of at least six figures in a no pressure exhibition event should be able to give a high standard performance ? Most players would be laughing all the way to the bank !
She is a great winner as she just showed at the Australian Open however she owed it to tennis starved fans in Western Australia to put in an effort in the lead up to the first Slam of the year. If I was the recruiting officer for the Hopman Cup next year I would have already thrown away Serena's phone number. 
Hopefully common sense will prevail next year and they don't ask someone who openly shows disdain for smaller events as Serena does.
As far as Novak is concerned, well I have tried to like him, I honestly have and it took years for me to get there but after his performance in the final I am back to square one with him. I question his antics.
At one stage both McAvaney and Courier stated that they believed Novak was on the verge of retiring due to his obvious physical state. His stumbling and heavy breathing looked serious enough for at least an injury time out simply to ask the question 'Hey Doc I aint too good at the moment, do you have an aspirin' ??
Yet the question did not come and Novak recovered in the blink of an eye each time but he did enough to confuse the heck out of Andy. In fact Andy got so excited with the obvious discomfort of Novak that he tried to finish the match by overplaying, hence the unforced error count.
So the question remains, did Novak use any sort of gamesmanship to out think Andy when the match was awfully tight and possibly even in the advantage of Andy ? Did Novak really have a physical issue or did he just make out that he had one to make his opponent change his mindset ?  
I read an overview on this match by a sports writer this morning and I disagree with his take on it all as he did nothing but praise Novak. I believe he chose to glam it all up without sounding in any way controversial, I thought it was a weak write up, he left out some crucial information.
If you report on a game of tennis then at least have the guts to get to the nitty gritty of it all. 
Forget telling the public what they expect to hear and tell it how it was. In this particular match there were some things going on that even Andy won't publicly admit however on his Christmas Card list this year there will be a blank space where Novak's name once was. No risk.......

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