Saturday, 31 January 2015

'SWITCHING' ( Dumb Idea )

A few matches back I picked either Stan or Novak for the title but after seeing Murray play his semi I am switching to him for my tip for the title.
Novak in fact is not looking his usual confident self and I believe that Murray knows how to play him well especially as he beat Novak to claim both Wimbledon and the US Open.
Murray has an air of confidence about him currently and he seems physically in good shape.
Tipping Andy in 4 tight sets......
Never ever change your tipping !! What happened from 2-0 up in the third set to Murray may just remain a mystery but he had already written his victory speech in his head I suspect. Had him on toast.
Not sure how a man of Murray's experience can win just one more game from that position in the third. Head not right you think ? I am certain he would not have capitulated like that under guidance from Lendl. 
It seemed like the old animated Andy was back, the self 2 who was being talked out of a match by his self 1. There is always a negative side to a player, it's how you block the alter ego out that defines a player.
Silly game, especially when you are playing someone who's acting skills are just as famous as their tennis skills. Andy will have nightmares about this match for a long time because he knows it was on his racket at a break up on the scoreboard in the third.
But more importantly he knows he had one hand on the trophy also, he simply had to keep the ball in play as Novak was physically and mentally gone. He tried to finish it rather than prolong it, hence his unforced errors, dumb idea. His former coach would have kept the ball going and won by wearing his opponent out. 
Lendl was famous for it, sort of like death by starvation, a prolonged torture.
Strange match this one, possibly Andy's last shot at a major, a real shame, but that's tennis......

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