Sunday, 4 January 2015


Sam Stosur did it again, yep she found a way to lose the unlosable match today from 5-1 up in the deciding set of her first round match. However it was what she said in her press conference that I found rather interesting to say the least.
"I don't necessarily think that tonight was a big, you know, mental capitulation".
What was it Sam ? Or how about this one ; "That was the most comfortable and I feel like one of the best matches I've played to start my campaign. I would go out there and do it all over again".
Yep that's what Sammy said, word for word.
Perhaps it's just me but I think we are missing something here. If Sammy is happy with that complete mental capitulation then I think both her and her new Coach should be looking at a different line of work.....
Fair Dinkum this game never ceases to amuse me........
( The Australian Open of 2013 saw Stosur lose in the second round after leading 5-2 in the third set against Jie Zheng. In 2009 Stosur lead Serena Williams 5-4, 40-0 in the third set and lost, in Sydney. )

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