Sunday, 4 January 2015


Unless Stosur and her TA entourage confront these TENNIS YIPS then the tennis public and Sam are going to constantly relive this reoccurring nightmare! Honesty from Sam and her coaches is crucial here...denying the obvious will only compound the issue that she constantly dismisses. TA coaches need to forget about telling Sam what what she wants to hear and start telling her a few things she doesn't want to brutally honest instead of trying to save your job. Coaches are there for the progress of the player...I've seen NO progress for a number of years now. She needs someone with some BALLS to get stuck into her and work on some strategies that enable her to close out matches. Coaches aren't there to be mates...think about it. MH

This comment was sent to me by someone who obviously knows tennis, knows Stosur's issues and is not afraid to state the obvious. This was worth publishing, in regards to my last chapter....

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