Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I see there's a 'guru' doing the rounds on many sites, his ideas are being constantly re posted, I won't mention the name but it disturbs me somewhat. This guy can't even play tennis, he is a fitness instructor yet the 'new breed' of  tennis 'coach' go weak at the knees with his every word.
Impressionable ? It seems that the new breed are, no originality from their own minds and reliant on other 'zen masters' to give them ideas. Tennis improvement comes from intelligent students and intelligent coaches who have their own ideas on how to teach. It also comes from people who think 'outside the square'.
Stop relying on others you guys, after all you are the ones who swear by your programs yet none of these programs seem to be from your own heads. It seems they are all copied from others. Where's your sense of originality ?
I posted a chapter a while ago that had a dig at a 'guru' who was questioned by a parent over 'their' program.
The answer that came back from the guru was 'That's how the program is run'. Can anyone pick what's wrong with that answer ??
'THE PROGRAM' was the answer. What ever happened to 'MY PROGRAM'?? The answer proved that the 'coach' was simply following a program that had been given to them. Would it be fair to say that 'THE PROGRAM' lacks substance ? You do the sums. I don't see as many kids coming through now days as they used to.
Think for yourself when it comes to tennis, you may just get somewhere with it whether you are either playing or 'teaching' it.
Interesting phase this game of tennis is at currently........

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