Saturday, 24 January 2015


Victoria Azarenka just doesn't know how to win back an audience. I am referring to her rather publicized 'dance' at the end of her match last night in the Australian Open. 
She really has no idea that most of the Tennis World including myself thinks that she is simply a drama queen. My personal take on it all is that she is a pain in the arse.
Her 'cheating' against Sloane Stephens two years ago has not been forgotten, you know, the one where she openly admitted to 'almost doing the choke of the year'. 
This was while she gathered her thoughts in the change rooms while her opponent and audience sat and waited for ten minutes rather bemused to say the least.
This was not unlike a golfer kicking the ball out of the bushes and claiming that they had hit it, blatant cheating in any man's language.
So rather than just let her racket do the talking she has had to find the spotlight again for other reasons, but this is just the sort of person who Azarenka is.
She also has a rather annoying screech as she strikes the ball, not unlike Sharapova but at least Maria doesn't cheat.
Hopefully the 'Tennis Gods' will do the right thing and give us a Victoria loss in the next round, personally I am hoping so. I don't think I am alone......

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