Sunday, 11 January 2015


What's happening with Serena Williams ? Her lethargic performance in the final of the Hopman Cup raised some eyebrows over here in the West. As well as the poor body language she was also rather vocal and even smashed a racket in frustration.
OK we have all done that but the Hopman Cup is just an Exhibition Tournament isn't it ??
I have heard an unconfirmed report that Serena also did away with her runner up trophy, it may have been discarded somewhere in the locker room or thereabouts. Yet to be confirmed but it is from a 'reliable' source.
Serena loves to win however she is not what you would call a very good loser as her effort at the US Open a few years ago suggested. Williams was defaulted in her semi final against Clijsters as she threatened to shove a ball down the throat of a lines person, tough talk Serena, not overly intelligent though.
At Wimbledon in 2014 she withdrew from a doubles match with her sister Venus after appearing to be almost intoxicated for around 15 minutes. The Doctor's unofficial call on it was 'a viral illness' but most were a little confused at to why she even came out onto the court in the state she was in. Perhaps she just likes the lime light no matter how she is feeling.
Her Hopman Cup effort this year was interesting. It lacked heart and it lacked dignity. Roger Federer at the same age knows how to deal with wins and losses plus frustrating form. Perhaps Serena could learn a thing or two from the Great Man for the future.....

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