Sunday, 4 January 2015


MH...further to my earlier response regarding coaches roles and responsibilities, I have an interesting and thought provoking fact. On the WTA tour last season there were a number of coaches who had very good results with players only to be sacked by their players?? Interesting isn't it?...I have experienced a similar scenario on the ITF junior tour where the players I was working with made great progress in all facets of the game including ranking...well that took care of itself really. Anyway I approached areas of their game that were too uncomfortable for others previously, said things they didn't want to hear and gave them they tools to negotiate them. I was sacked only to see them fall away as a consequence. I think players these days think that success will come without awkwardness, hardship and the feeling of being uncomfortable. DOESNT HAPPEN. MH on 'NICE COMMENT MH'
(*I have tried to trace MH through my stats area and all it tells me is that the comments have come from Brisbane. Whoever you are MH I appreciate your honesty.....)
Regards GT

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