Monday, 9 March 2015


In reference to my last chapter regarding 'the boys club' in Davis Cup selection, here's another mind boggling selection, or is that LACK OF SELECTION for you.
Stephen Huss was born in Bendigo, Australia in 1975. So who is he ? Stephen Huss won the Wimbledon Doubles title in 2005 with Wesley Moodie from South Africa. They didn't just beat anyone, they beat the greatest team of all time, the Bryan Brothers in the final.
Along the way they beat the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 9th seeds yet no one has heard of him except people who know a thing or two about tennis.
Tennis Australia and the Davis Cup selection committee also didn't read the papers as Stephen Huss never played Davis Cup for Australia, not that I can find anyhow. So why is this ? Australia has had some superb Doubles specialists over the years yet they seem to be overlooked regularly for 'scratch pairings'. Look no further than the greatest farce in Australian Davis Cup history. 2001.
For some unknown reason Australian Davis Cup Captain John Fitzgerald overlooked Todd Woodbridge for a spot in the doubles, what was he thinking ?? Instead he opted for another 'scratch pairing', the apparent 'dream team' of Rafter and Hewitt. Oh dear what was Fitzy thinking ? Sure Hewitt had won the US Open dubs with Mirnyi and Rafter had won the Australian Open dubs with Bjorkman but they were doubles 'nobody's' without partners like they had. The selection by Fitzgerald was a disaster and cost Australia the Davis Cup final.
So why are guys like Bolt and Whittington overlooked just as Huss was also overlooked for a spot in Davis Cup for Australia ? Hewitt's name seems to come up an awful lot as a 'replacement' for guys who would belt him in doubles no matter who he played with from Australia.
Is it just me or is Australian Davis Cup selection a totally closed shop ? What's going to happen when Lleyton finally retires ? Will Australia finally select a team on current form and not what happened years earlier ? Don't forget also that word that I used last chapter, sentiment, I like that one, it seems to happen a lot here in Australia.
Putting my hand up for the next Davis Cup selection. I reckon either myself or Mickey Mouse could find a smarter doubles combination than what's been happening since the Woodies retired......

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