Monday, 16 March 2015


In relation to my previous chapter regarding Dimitrov's lack of praise for his opponent that seemed to be all about his own game's inconsistencies, well a young fellow from Australia shows how you do it. Thanasi Kokkinakis had this to say regarding his huge win over Juan Monaco in the third round at Indian Wells; " I made life difficult for myself, but he made it difficult for me too"......
I like that from a young professional who is just finding his way in the sport as it lacked ego and all of the other things that go along with most tennis professionals at their press conference. To simply acknowledge the fact that your opponent made it tough for you shows a good attitude that does not hint of self absorption.
Just that statement alone will stand young Thanassi in good stead as he rubs shoulders with the best in World Tennis. It shows a mature head on a young man's shoulders that many older players could take note of. Many are too wrapped up in their own egos to even consider complimenting an opponent.
It is an ego fuelled sport but it doesn't always have to be in the press conference as that is where a player will be put under the microscope at times even more than out on court.
Well played young fella..........

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