Sunday, 1 March 2015

'WHAT THE ###...'??

Did you see the score line between David Ferrer and Ryan Harrison at the semi final stage in Acapulco ? Ferrer won the match by a remarkable score line of 4-6, 6-0, 6-0 and that tells me two things. Ryan Harrison completely ran out of steam against a guy who keeps running or he was simply happy with his pay cheque of around $50,000 and was already 'shopping' in Mexico.
Either way it was a great tournament for Harrison who beat Dimitrov on his way to a semi final that now has his ranking  somewhere around 100. It's been a long hard road for Ryan and no matter what the reason for a complete capitulation in the second and third sets he has gained some much needed confidence.
Meanwhile over in Dubai the 'young fellow' Roger continues to amaze both the tennis World as well as himself with a straight sets win over the 'Aussie Open Actor' Novak Djokovic. Don't you just love it when a player upsets the rhythm of a base liner and especially when it's a guy of Novak's stature ?
I reckon Boris Becker may just be scratching his head as to how he can get his player to find enough passing shots to beat a guy who quite simply keeps asking the question of his opponent.
While Federer keeps beating these guys there is always the argument going around ' Is the base line still the best place on a tennis court' ?
We can only hope that the great man from Switzerland remains injury free, he is nothing short of a genius and may just one day change the current coaching perception of 'base line is King'. No point hitting a volley in the warm up if you only go to the net to shake hands.......

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