Sunday, 8 March 2015


If Chris Guccione had played doubles with Sam Groth they woulda won easily against the Czech's, where was he ? Is this Davis Cup thing still all about Lleyton Hewitt and his last year on tour ?
Even if the 'Gooch' was not available Australia still had more credentialed doubles players than Lleyton.
Please let's not go back 13 years or so when he won the US Open Doubles title with Max Mirnyi who is a doubles genius.
What about Bolt and Whittington ? Two Aussie Doubles specialists who made the third round of the Australian Open this year, anyone heard of 'em ?! Has anyone done their homework on these two guys or are they simply not part of 'the boys club' ?
These two lost in two tie breakers to Marrero and Cuevas in round 3 who then lost in two tie breakers to the eventual champions Fognini and Bolleli. Do any of these statistics count at all when it comes to Davis Cup or is this country still totally absorbed with sentimentality ?
Let's forget the sentimental garbage and if Australia do in fact scrape out of this tie with Czechoslovakia why not put in the 'best' team and not a sentimental one next time around ? 
Wally Masur made the wrong choice in this particular tie, hopefully he will make the right one next time. Give Bolt and Whittington a go as that is what they do for a living or at least try one of them with Groth or Gooch.
Australian team selection has been rather ordinary for many years in Davis Cup as it's always been about who is having a regular barbeque with the selectors than anything else. How about actually looking at current form and who is in fact going to be the best for the tie in question, not who is going to turn the snags at the next function.
Sometimes I reckon I hit the nail right on the head......

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