Sunday, 9 August 2015


A while ago I decided to get to work on my European memories of 1991 as best I could which in some ways has been surprisingly easy to remember. I am still trying to piece together the exact tournament and travel path that Pete, Brett and myself used way back then which has been a challenge but I am getting there.
I firmly believe that tennis is a sport that needs credibility in many ways and there is no better way to teach a student of the game than to share some ideas that I believe have merit. Tennis however is a sport with many perceptions and every 'coach' has his or her own way of doing things, each to their own.
I am sticking with my perception that this sport is not one that should be taken lightly by any budding young player or any parent of a player showing potential. Reality should be the number one thing considered when looking at putting all your eggs into one basket, so to speak.
If any player should be under any illusions as to how tough tennis can be then I would suggest a European visit and a look at some tournaments either as a spectator or a player, or both. It may just help to place things on a shelf inside the mind that can be accessed at times when playing competition.
The three years I had off the game from age 18 to 21 did not help my cause but I played a hell of a lot of tennis from age 12 to 18 so you usually have an idea of your own ability by then. I believe that I was under no illusions going into that trip in '91 as a 21 year old but I suppose I just wanted to finally give myself the ultimate test as a 'tennis player'.
If you never test yourself then you will never have an understanding of who you are as a player. My book will one day be written but until then I will keep posting my thoughts on tennis. Thank you for reading.
Regards GT

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